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Webstrummer Infolab not only caters to already existing businesses and other clients, but also students who are currently pursuing their education. An important milestone that might affect your academic result are projects; especially, final year projects which might also play a significant part in your personal and academic growth.

Almost in all of the cases, the students concerned find themselves either unable to understand some of the aspects of their respective projects or they may hit some obstacle that they themselves cannot make the head or tail of.

We provide many services exclusively for students who have any problems or queries regarding their respective projects. We are ready and fully equipped to solve all the problems and fully complete the respective projects, and we are also ready to guide you through all the important aspects that are worth to be noted and understood.

Our various cornerstones regarding this section include:

  • Web Development: Websites of any kind and falling under any domain are developed by us. Our developers are accomplished to make the perfect back-end for your project that is fool-proof from running into any operational or functional issues. Whether it be an E-commerce website or any template falling under Wordpress, we can do the heavy lifting for you.


  • Portal CreationIf you are making a portal system as the central part of your project like an E-ticket booking system or simulation of Railway Reservation system, we are quite happy to state that we can either make such a system that connects with the back-end or advice and walk you through the entire process for your own improvement and betterment.


  • Framework DesignIf you are making a website project, students may come face-to-face with the problem of making a well-designed and interactive front end. Our professional designers are qualified enough to undertake such a task in a professional and accomplished manner. So, if you are in need of such a good framework solution, we can also do it for you.


  • Project DocumentationOne of the last and most harrowing parts of a project making process is the careful and complete composition of that particular project documentation. Documenting a project can be quite a head-scratching and exhausting tasks; but, fear not, our professional content writers are ready to make the complete documentation a reality in compliance to your detailed specification.